20 Alarming Reasons Uterine Fibroids Suck

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  1. They make you look pregnant
  2. They keep you constipated
  3. They deplete your iron
  4. They cause lower back aches
  5. Due to their need of survival they suck your resources
  6. They can cause thinning  hair
  7. They can make you have extreme cramping if you wear any type of  resistance band around your waist during workout sessions
  8. Carrying around multiple Fibey babies  (Fibroids) without ever seeing their faces is a fear you will live with daily
  9. They take up space in your stomach limiting your food intake
  10. Monthly cycles can be heavier than normal and quite painful
  11. They cause frequent urination
  12. They are persistent buggers that never leave you alone
  13. They can damage your kidneys
  14. They may constantly grow
  15. Pain may be experienced during bowel movements
  16. They depend on your estrogen
  17. They interfere with fertility and pregnancy
  18. Their sizes, shapes, and types can vary
  19. Discomfort may be experienced during intimacy
  20. They cause swelling of the abdomen

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