8 Unbelievable Truths You Did Not Know About Yesterday

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We all go through difficult moments in time and for some reason we tend to remember those events down to the nitty gritty detail making it almost near impossible to be set free from it. I mean we can recall the times, places, and probably for some of us, the outfit worn on that day, and so much more. To add more spice, we talk it and wallow in this mess with friends, associates, and relatives resulting in us reliving those tormenting days over and over again.

I can recall a conversation with someone whom I will call Dilemma, and during that conversation Dilemma constantly referenced the high school and childhood days, and how their parents would ridicule them and say they would not amount to anything in life. Dilemma talked for over an hour about all the things from the past that caused pain and anger. But, no matter how hard I tried to get a word in, Dilemma was so caught up in the past that it was almost impossible to get Dilemma to listen to me talk about today. Fortunately a moment surfaced, where I was able to finally slip a word in that caught Dilemmas full attention. Dilemma had not realized that by focusing on Yesterday the present can be negatively impacted.

Yesterday does not exist

Of the many things I touched on, the very first was that yesterday no longer exists. It is gone. One thing to know about yesterday, is that we may always remember that day but we can never go back to it in time because it is not there anymore.

Yesterday doesn’t define who you are today

Okay, Dilemma was ridiculed in high school, and told awful things from classmates and family, but if a change is made today those ways are long gone, and you are not that person anymore. A Degree of Change is all you need to modify the outcome of today.

Yesterday is Meaningless

It has no significance on today. None, nada, zero.

Yesterday will Immobilize you

Living in the past can stop you from reaching your goals. It will hold you hostage to the point where you can’t even think of anything better for yourself.

Yesterday is so minut.

In comparison to what today and the future holds, yesterday was just a tiny speck in the overall plan for your life. If we can wrap our mind around the fact that we were created for so much more and that we can achieve infinite possibilities, then yesterday will look like a tiny grain of salt.

Yesterday wants to control us.

If yesterday can wrap us up in its overall scheme to the point where you cannot forgive, it will control you. It will keep a hold on you. It will taunt you day in and day out. It will separate you from those who truly love and have your best interest in mind. You will not be able to live without yesterday because it will have a hold so strong, only a miracle of God can release you from it.

Yesterday wants to steal your joy.

If yesterday can have its way, we will be miserable all the days of our life because it does not want to see you happy and prosper.

Yesterday is not your friend.

A true friend has your best interests in mind. That friend will love, uplift, and tell you well words through the good and bad times. Unfortunately, yesterday is like a thief and it comes to steal, kill and destroy us. It knows a joyful heart is good medicine. But we can learn from yesterday and not repeat past failures.

We can live in the present. We can live for today. We have a choice. Or we can allow yesterday to control every move we make and paralyze our dreams, hopes and desires. Who we were yesterday, is no more, it is a new day and a new you.

What changes will you make to live in the present, and how will you disallow a repugnant yesterday from impacting your future?


  1. Yesterday serves it’s purpose if it helps to recall a beautiful memory (I’m thinking of my grandmother), but you’re right, for the most part, it is something that needs to be shoved aside, and dismissed. What’s done is done, and today is wonderful (as will be tomorrow) for no other reason than we are alive! I’m glad you were able to offer your friend some clarity.

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