A Fantastic Voyage with Tiffany C Everett

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Ready to take a Fantastic Voyage with Tiffany C. Everett?  I want to introduce myself to you. I write am write helpful, fun, empowering, articles/blogs/vlogs and I thank you for reading!

I began my college career in computer programming when visual basic was a hit, but that came to a halt when the coding became difficult. Years later I went on to earn my degree initially in fashion and finally communications.  For the last twelve years I have worked in the customer service and sales industry all while raising my  Son, Homeschooling, and recently becoming an Mompreneur in 2011. Having no formal training in web design, my passion for computers was reignited when I decided to start a business. This time, I jumped into website design, social media, and email marketing and immediately crossed a milestone when I published my first website at  Z Expressions,  started to Periscope, create Live Streaming Facebook content, Youtube videos, Host of The Special Needs Success Podcast  and now, I am excited to write about it all (oh yeah!) My word of advice is to never give up on your dream!

This is the first time I have written any type of blog but with days and months of research and preparation, I set my mind to it and got the Blog-ty (Blog Party) started. Yes!  I love playing with words, so you may see some created words every now and then. You will not find perfection on this blog but someone passionate about living life Victoriously in Beast Mode.

I am on a mission to Empower, Inspire, and Support Moms with their journey of raising their special needs children (which I call Uniquely Loving Children), while caring for yourself – balancing it all. This blog is where I write about parenting, special needs, fashion, travel, homeschooling, faith, gluten free living, and whatever else is in my mind and heart that can help you live life Victoriously. You will find practical articles about reducing stress, simplifying life and improving happiness for you and your family, as well as mentoring and support.

I have a lot to planned and I am looking forward to sharing with you. My experiences as a single mom while running a business has been challenging but not impossible and you too can achieve your goals.  I am excited to journey with you as you create a lifestyle you desire and deserve. I would love to hear your thoughts or questions. Have you already started blogging, what was your first blog topic? Are you thinking about starting a blog, what will you discuss? If you would like to work with me, give me a shout and do not be shy. Feel free to say hello on Twitter, Facebook, comment here.

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