A Simple Busy Moms Morning Routine For a Productive Day

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A Simple Morning routine for busy moms is super important in order to have a productive day. I know that if a routine is over complicated and filled with stuff, it will be difficult to follow through every single day. As moms we look for simplicity, things we can do without over thinking. I know for me, it helps especially when I have other commitments that are required such as homeschooling, podcasting, and operating a call center. I need routines that will not stop my flow.

I find it frustrating when I have to take hours to complete a task, especially when I look back and realize that I have lost hours and nothing has been completed. This decreases productivity and put me behind schedule. But, when its a simple Morning routine, I can complete the task faster and efficiently.

Simple Morning Routine for Moms

My morning routine is no where near perfect, in fact sometimes things may come up like, sickness or emergencies, that will throw off the routine. But, in the end, I have found that if you can be flexible, you can keep frustration down to a minimal. In life, curveballs can be expected, so we must be prepared to make changes as necessary.

Here are some simple morning routines that make a difference for me:

1. Meditate, Pray, Journal

Focusing on my daily word really helps be to feel grounded in the beginning of the day. There is so much chaos take can take place during the day, and by meditating and praying, I am able to gain focus and direction. You could start by sitting in a quiet corner, where you can focus on your thoughts.

2. Wash My face

The cool water as it covers my face helps me to awake and feel refreshed. It may also include a lengthier routine when more time is available, but when I need to make it simple I just wash with water and pat dry.

3. Eat Breakfast

One of the simplest drinks for moms to make is a smoothie. You can pack it with healthy ingredients and turn it into a meal. Many times I only do this to have something quick for my hungry stomach, and usually while the smoothie is being made, Ill start cooking a solid breakfast.

4. Touch Up When Necessary

I must admit, I do not always have time to do a full set a nails in the middle of the week once the polish has started to chip away. But, what I have managed to do as a simple morning nail touch-up routine is to take five to ten minutes to cover the tips, then re-polish the full nail beds and untimatly they result in a fresh set after a top coat. Then, on the weekends I start over with a new set of nails which I outline in seven simple steps to beautiful nails . The last thing you want to do is have chipped nails because the looks of them can constantly bother you, negatively impacting your focus for the day.

5. Get up Early

When I awake before it is time to homeschool, work, or complete my appointments, I am able to review my goals for the day and decide on the direction I want to go. I usually use a planner to help map out my day or large easel board paper I can see boldly. It feels so good to check off items once they are completed.

6. Self-care

A Simple Morning routine for self-care doesn’t have to take long at all. It can include make-up application, burning essential oils, doing my hair, etc. but in the end I choose things that will surely keep it simple.

What are your favorite things to do in the morning? Please let me know in the comments below!

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