Photography by Paul Shephard

Impromptu PhotoShoot :: Crystal Buttons and Fringes

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Photo courtesy of Paul Shephard

Attending an impromptu photoshoot may seem daunting at first, but its totally in the way that you view the situation. I believe it can really bring out your artistic side. Although I am an amateur in this industry I am passionate about fashion, set design, and driven for success.

Your mindset is going to make this day a success or failure. I always choose to be optimistic and positive because life is full of mysteries. In fact, on this day, I was scheduled to have a meeting with a possible contractor which the client rescheduled. So, I had that time slot open. While waiting, the photographer suggested an impromptu photoshoot. I was much obliged.

Since I am on a budget I take on many roles when I have a photoshoot. I am the wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, and director for the set design and videos. Paul Shephard the photographer for this look, myself, and teenage son, played a role in editing these photos as well as the video. Here are some tips I live by for a successful photoshoot.

1.You have no idea what may or may not be possible. Be patient and respectful of everyone around. You are a child of God, so just be kind.

2. Have yourself together. This includes your make-up, accessories, clothing, nails, and hair.

3. Anything around you can be used as a prop. However it should compliment the shoot you desire.

4. All distractions should be placed on mute so you can get this goal accomplished. Be focused!

5. I love listening to Christian music all the time, it calms my surrounding and all those in it. The music app on my phone makes task easy. Just pump it up!

6. I used Pinterest and google to scout for some poses I believed would fit this outfit but most I came up with on my own. Although many photos were taken only the best images were selected.

7. Have fun! Life is precious.

Be great!

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  1. What a great way to take advantage of a freshly opened time slot. The photos came out great, and I love all those colors!! They’re all great, but the 3rd to last one is my favorite!! That’s an awesome picture of you!

    1. Author

      Oh Rosey, one of the things Im always saying to my son is, “Dont waste your days.” He saw this in action on this day. In regards to the colors, you should see my fingernails, they are polished orange and blue currently. I just love bold colors. What are your favorite colors for spring?

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