Delivery from UberEATS: First Time Experience Post-Op Hysterectomy

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What do you do when you have just had surgery, incapacitated, residing in a hotel, and hungry? That’s a great question. So, let’s dive right in to see how I remedied the situation with the help of a ride-sharing Company, UberEats.

January 8, 2017 marked Day 11 post-op hysterectomy which, for me, was a terrible experience. So many parts of my body decided not to cooperate. My tastebuds induced bizarre food flavors, and my stomach constantly ached. In fact, when I ate a meal provided by the hospital, I experienced discomfort as my now fibroid-free stomach tried to break down the fat from the Hamburger and Beans. Unfortunately, I had to start slow with liquids and soft foods then gently work my way back up to hard foods. My diet consisted of mashed potatoes, rice, jello, and applesauce, while I remained hospitalized. I later added gluten-free grits, small pieces of salmon, brown rice, chopped chicken and chicken broth using minimal seasoning like salt, pepper and garlic, to the list after I departed. I stayed at a hotel while I recuperated and was able to prepare meals in my rooms kitchen but by the eleventh day that quickly became boring and I yearned for a fresh taste.

Since I was unable to drive at this time, I needed to find a delivery service I could count on. I heard about UberEATS from a friend but I was reluctant because of my gluten, dairy and soy allergies, but I was so hungry that decided to give them a try.

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How Does the UberEATS App Work?

First, I fired up the app on my cellphone. Once opened, I used my exact location to search for restaurants within my vicinity. I decided to pursue one that wasn’t too far and whose meal would not be too harsh on my stomach. Based on the results that were displayed, I called up a few restaurants that appeared on the UberEATS app using a separate browser on my phone to locate the restaurants telephone number to confirm their menu was gluten and dairy free.

The app currently shows if the restaurant is open or closed, restaurant name, category, meal type, dollar sign(s) for price range, and estimated arrival.  I decided on FLATS handcrafted flatbreads.  I based my decision on my conversation with of the store’s representative I called that morning, and the information on their website. Each affirmed that they catered to gluten and dairy sensitivities. I became invigorated. (It’s the little things.) Finally, food I could hopefully tolerate, I thought to myself.  After ending the call, I returned to the UberEATS app and browsed the FLATS menu for an item that made my tastebuds water. The winner …the grilled chicken, with spinach flat bread.

Confirming Order

My order was placed at 10:40am and was scheduled to arrive at 11:16am. Once my order was placed, I was then able to follow the status of my order minute by minute. The app immediately communicated with the restaurant to be sure the order had been received.

Order Accepted

My order was accepted by the restaurant and the green notification dot moved down to the next step. I love technology!

Food is being prepared

My  food was being prepared by the restaurant, Yes! Talk about excited.

UberEATS Courier in Route

The notification showed me there were nine minutes remaining until I received my order.

Food is arriving! Time to eat!

Zero minutes to go. So that means Priscilla would be present in a few seconds.

Order Delivered

My Flats Grilled Chicken and Spinach Flatbread with Garlic and Olive Oil dressing arrived in a box, at 11:05am, ten minutes earlier than the expected arrival time.

Flats Order and Receipts


Tiffany C Everett UberEATS Flats Receipt


Tiffany C Everett UberEATS FLATS Receipt

In conclusion, the food was fantastic and did not agitate my stomach! Delivery was early! The transaction and technology from start to finish was simple, and I had a wonderful experience!

How about you? Have you ever tried UberEATS? If not, I would say, “Go for it!” If you are interested in trying UberEATS you can use my promocode EATS-TIFFANYE3022UE and we will both get $10 off a meal. If you decide to try them out, feel free to post your feedback, I would love to hear about your experience.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you enjoyed the review.

Be Great,

Tiffany C Everett

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