Do What You Love and Become Great and Have a Happy Heart

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Do what you love and become great and have a happy heart! Try to picture me saying this from on top of the highest mountain with a bullhorn! Can you hear me? This year I had a hysterectomy and it had to be one of the worse surgery procedures I have ever had but I had the opportunity to do what I love and that gave me a happy heart. I will write about that topic on another post but if you’d like to know how I made it through without being able to drive you’ll surely like to read about another great post as well. But in the end I made it through, and love the fact that I documented these pictures that details what I overcame. Im so happy I decided to have those fibroids removed because now I can move fast forward and do those things I love without worrying about the pains I once had in my abdomen.

Prior to going into surgery I sat down and envisioned a plan. I saw myself making accessories, such as hair bows and hats. Therefore, I visited one of my favorite spots online and purchased some fabrics and patterns to prepare for the time I would have available to be creative and focus on things I really love to do and become great at it. Im still working on becoming great, but I did not that to hold be down from trying.

During my down time, I was able to reflect on many areas of my life including my personal, physical, and financial goals. The hat you see, once I started, I thought would be difficult. I realized how we create these feelings and beliefs in our mind and sometimes allow them to hinder us from pursuing those things we really love. But, once I took the time to understand how to mend the pieces of fabrics together with simple research of online articles and books, the process seemed doable. Ultimately, I ended up making it by hand since I had difficulty in getting the sewing machine to work at the time, which I eventually figured out. Once I started my project, I pulled an all nighter because I was on fire to fulfill the mission and reconnect with my first love.

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Once I was completed I was well pleased, although I would make a few revisions once I start on the next one, the fit was perfect and the look was stunning and made my heart happy.

So tell me what are your passions, and will you take the time today to start doing the things you truly love? Please share with the community, Id love to hear.


  1. I love the look, and the hat came out perfect! I haven’t sewn anything for so long, but I did used to enjoy it years ago. Good for you, for sticking to it until you got it clicked in the groove! Persistence paid because it turned out awesome.

    1. Author

      Rosey before this I had not sewn since the 90’s but its like riding a bicycle, once you start again you figure it out and YouTube helps too. Thank you for you’re awesome comments!

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