I Haven’t Shaved my Legs in Six Months and Here’s Why

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I often shave my legs so they can be silky smooth. But after over indulging in potato chips, even though they were gluten free, I currently must endure the consequences until Im outbreak free again. I haven’t shaved my legs in over six months due to an auto-immune disease that causes the skin to flare up. Its called Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. It affects greater than 3.1 percent of the U.S. population, or more than 6.7 million adults, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases .When it becomes angry is what I call it, it gives you a run for your money. It itches, causes causes inflammation in your joints, that part is called psoriatic arthritis, and sometimes it cracks and bleeds. Finally it has the nerves to burn when you apply soothing ointment. Most times I use vaseline or lotion. So no, I have not shaved my legs because of anything else other than its what I choose to do while my skin is healing.

Imagine this…

Each time you shave your legs you nick yourself on a sore and then it bleeds for over an hour? Now multiply the number of nicks to every area you shave? Well that is what I have experienced and I have learned my lesson. It is just not worth me having shave cuts all over my legs just to remove the hair. I would rather leave my hair on my legs then to damage my skin for a smooth shave. And plus I don’t wear that many dresses anyway since I prefer pants so to me its not that big of a deal.

I have been plagued with psoriasis since I was a toddler. I wanted to share my thoughts on this autoimmune disease which I covered for most of my life. My mom wanted to protect me from the negative comments that could come from people who misunderstood the disease and now as a parent I understand. Parents always want whats best for their children. There was a time in my elementary days I was required to wear a bandaid on my face because the school thought one of the spots was a wring worm. During those days I would also spend the summers at my grand parents house and I remember my grand mother stated, “Don’t worry about what people have to say about your skin, its beautiful… you can show your legs.”  That year I started to wear shorts and began to appreciate the skin that the Lord had blessed me with.

Today I use my best judgement depending on what I am doing in any given day.  Sometimes I cover my skin to protect myself from germs I could possibly pick up and other times I leave it free. I also like maintaining a professional look at times, wearing three piece suits and other times sports wear. You could say I have seasonal clothing which fits me just fine considering I love fashion which requires you to change depending on the seasons. I may have imperfect skin but Im grateful that God choose me in hopes of inspiring you to love you.

So I turn my back to the shaving for now, as I enjoy my beautiful soft, hairy legs. Besides, who cares anyway, they are my legs and I have to take care of them day in and day out, no one else does. I do want to share that I have learned to keep the outbreaks down  by eating gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and soy-free. But when I go off the yellow brick road and over indulge in a favorite food or accidentally eat the wrong food, you can see the results. It has been a challenge eating this way at times but I am back on a path that will allow me to live a outbreak free lifestyle.

So tell me, do you have Psoriasis? How do you manage yours day to day? Feel free to comment below. Id love to hear and thank you for taking the time to stop by and grace me with your presence.

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