How to Cook Without Power #Hurricane Irma

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Learning how to cook without power can seem undaunting, impossible, and difficult. But this weekend Hurricane Irma stormed through South Florida ripping up trees, causing areas to flood, trees to fall on homes, downed power lines, and consequently power outages. Millions of people were without power. Cooking without power immediately became a reality!

CNBC states “The storm did some $20 billion to $40 billion in damage to insured property as it tore through Florida, catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide estimated.” Hurricane Irma, was a beast!

Preparing for a storm of this magnitude can be very intimidating. In fact I felt overwhelmed. Due to the barometric pressure a few days before the storm I was hit by an extreme migraine headache. It felt as though there was a brick sitting on my head and neck with throbbing pain.  It was awful! But,I had to endure it until I was informed by a friend to try an antihistamine and it actually helped me to cope with it.

After the storm our power went out that night and when we awoke it was still out. When you are a single mom, you can not make excuses, or worry about the power being out. All I could think about was the fact that my child was hungry and needed me to cook. In stead of making excuses, I  went straight in to resolution mode in order to ensure my child could eat. I created a list of supplies I purchased, which definitely helped us get through the storm with no power. Some of the food items I had on hand included:

Canned and Packaged items:

Baked Beans

Chicken Noodle Soup

Green Beans

Coconut Milk


Spaghetti Sauce

Kidney Beans


Frozen Foods:

Precooked Chicken







Sparkling Juice

Almond Milk



When I am up against a wall and unsure which way to turn, this single mom immediately goes into survival mode. I realized I was going to have to prepare a meal for my family without any power. In fact when I called Florida Power and Light (FPL) power outage number there was no specific time as to when the power would be restored. So, I went into the area where I had all my Hurricane Supplies, pulled out the camp stove, its directions, and some propane and got to work. It was time for this single mom to learn something new. “How to cook without power.”  At first, I thought it was going to be difficult, because I had never used a propane stove before. But, I quickly realized after I began assembling the stove, that it was not that difficult. The directions were rather easy to follow.

I decided we would have chicken I had pre-cooked and froze, rice in a bag, sauted vegetable and black beans. Once the stove was in tact the food was placed in their respective pots and I fired up the stove to began cooking. The results was a fresh hot home cooked delicious meal.

So tell me, how did you weather the storm? If you would like to see this all in action, be sure to watch the video below.

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