Quick Single Moms Hurricane Survival Guide

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Preparing for a Hurricane as a single mom can be overwhelming, depressing, frustrating, and lets just admit it, a major pain, which could result in mental health conditions such as anxiety. In fact I have been through Hurricane Andrew, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, and Ivan and each put a drastic strain on many of us in Florida.

As a single mom doing this alone,  you want to be prepared for a variety of hurricane situations because our kids are counting on us. Many times you can prepare for the unexpected but you really never know what to expect until it actually reaches your destination, but the peace of mind knowing you did all that you could will weight on you for years to come.

This weekend we are being faced with another Hurricane, The Washington Post says, “The storm, tied for the second-strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, is headed for the southeastern Bahamas and, by the weekend and early next week, Florida and the Southeast United States.

What do you do when you are a single mom and it is just you and your child or children, how do you prepare for the storm, what steps do you take, who do you call for your specials needs child, or what gear should you have. Here is a quick survival guide to help you get started.


Hurricane Kit

Battery powered flashlight or lanterns
Rain gear/boots
Procedural breathing mask
Moist towelettes
Duct tape
Can opener
Plastic garbage bags
Clean clothes
Extra batteries for hearing aids
Cooking tools/ fuel
Paper plates / plastic utensils
Bucket for storage

Hygiene kit

Shower bag
Shower shoes
Baby wipes
Baby formula

First Aid Kit

Latex-free gloves
Hand sanitizer,
Adhesive bandages,
First aid tape
Antiseptic wipes
Mosquito repellent

Personal Supplies Kit

Zip lock bags or lock box
Proper identification / immunization records
Favorite photos
Insurance cards
Medical records
Bank account numbers
Social Security card
Contact lenses
Extra eyeglasses/sunglasses

Housekeeping Ideas

Take photos of each room in your home or apt
Adhere to your states evacuation notices
Use iCloud, google docs, etc. to back up contacts in your phone and pictures
Discuss emergency evacuation plans with the children
Create an emergency contact list and include your cellphone, work, family members, etc numbers in case there is an emergency while you are not at home.
Determine if you are in an evacuation zone (Here is a Florida list)


Fill up your car with gas
Sleeping bag or Air mattress
Games, toys and books, crayons
Non perishable Food and Water for each person a 7 day supply


If you or your child has special needs, Fema  makes it known that, “Florida law requires that evacuation assistance be available to individuals with special needs. If you require special assistance and have no family or friends available to help in the event of an evacuation, you may qualify for evacuation assistance services. If this is the case, you should register with the local emergency management agency before disaster strikes.” For a more in-depth guide you can view the 2017 Guide to Hurricane Readiness.

You can also reach out to your individual state regarding any concerns or questions.

Disaster Assistance

State Administrative Agency Contact List

National Hurricane Center

I hope this information helps you prepare for the upcoming storms. So tell me, what else would you be adding to your list and will you evacuate or remain until the storm ends? Comment below and share with the community.


  1. We did our preps yesterday. Stay safe. I include you and your son in my prayers often, but definitely this weekend.

    1. Author

      Thank you Rosey for the prayers. If you need anything please feel free to contact me. Your family will be in our prayers as well.

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