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I am on a mission to reach my full potential and try something I have never done before. I am always searching of ways of improvement because as I grow and learn I realize that I can always make changes somewhere in order to do better.

Within the last year I have learned how to blog, vlog, use social as well as how create LIVE videos all while raising a family as a single mom, building a business and continuing in the ministry of uplifting and motivating. I must say it has had its ups and downs but I have enjoyed every single step of the way.

As part of my effort to help others do the same, I have started a new daily Youtube Show entitled, The TiffanyC Show. I believe that by showing up each day that this experiment will take my life to a new level and I will learn much more than I have thus far.


During the show, I will have a different topic each day, with an overall objective to help you get your life, family and business all in sync. I have never tried this before, yet I remain hopeful that it will prove to be a success. If you have not already, be sure to subscribe and join myself and a community of others striving to get it all together. Now, Im not perfect by far, but each day Im still figuring it all out.


A sneak peak about the show is below. What topics would you like to see discussed? Comment below, you never know, your thoughts just might be included on the next show.

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