A Me Day Making Time for Mom

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Before dropping my son off to summer camp he snapped these photos before I set out for a Me day. Today is eyebrow day and like the weather changed throughout the day from sun to rain to sunny again, my eyebrows took on a transformation from bushy to trimmed. Usually my eye brows are to perfection but in todays photos they will be in their natural state without any makeup on them.

This is one of my favorite free flowing dresses. It is so comfortable and I thought it would be the perfect outfit to capture the bright sunny day, which was not so sunny by the end of the day.

It has been a year since I had my eyebrows waxed by Aurelia Davila at Vivid Hair Salon. I have been maintaining my last wax by plucking the hair each time they grew with tweezers. Today I brushed them upwards and gave them their natural look without any makeup in preparation for a complete eyebrow makeover. It was a day I sat aside to enjoy and care for me. But it was not without consequence. You see, to get revenge for me for taking so long to return, the receptionist informed me that Aurelia had left for my appointment since I had arrived fifteen minutes late. Since I knew I was at fault I asked to reschedule but as soon as I requested the date change Aurelia popped out from behind the desk surprising me. I screamed in laughter! I was tickled. It was the highlight of my day and much needed excitement.

Once I arrived to the private room, I was prepped and primed. We had our girl talk in between waxing, followed by a mini neck massage to complete the procedure.

I would highly recommend all moms have a day like this to recoup, rejuvenate, and reset yourself. Besides what not? You deserve it and need it to star well-balanced. So tell me what do you do on your Moms Day out?

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  1. That’s funny that she was hiding. 🙂 She did a great job, your eyebrows look great. Your dress looks fab!

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