Publix in Stuart Florida Slogan Reigns True, “Where Shopping is a Pleasure”

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l will tell you a little later why Publix in Stuart, Florida remain true to their slogan, “Where Shopping is a Pleasure,” but first, let me tell you about how I met the world’s most enthusiastic and caring staff from one of their vendors, Boar’s Head, on this impromptu morning.

I visited Publix in Stuart, Florida two days before Christmas and actually stopped there just to pick up a few items. But, I was fascinated by The Boar’s Head Tasting Grand Celebration Display of Boar’s Head products near the store’s entrance adjacent the Deli, that I just had to stop, give commendations, and linger a bit longer. Surprisingly, I was immediately met by Event Specialists Donna Cooper and Sandra London, whom contributed to the displays design, as well as Frank Flora, an Authorized Boar’s Head Distributor for the Treasure Coast and President of Treasure Coast Provisions, Inc. They were excited to see how thrilled I was about their presentation.  His staff had patience and attentiveness. Judging by the display, cohesively they possessed a lot of knowledge about the Boar’s Head brand. They gladly took a moment to snap photos, and Ill tell ya, it was a joyous time in the Deli Department! My sentiments is that we were all family as we posed for photos and conversed.

When I am trying to decide on a great place to shop and purchase great food it is always a challenge. Being a single mom, Entrepreneur, homeschooler, and blogger, many times I ask myself, “What foods do I prepare for the holidays, daily cooking, or special occasions?”  I’m always striving to maintain Work-Life Balance. But I also realize that at those moments it is easy to become so engulfed with other things that clog your brain such as buying gifts, sprucing up your home, decorating, and spending time with loved ones that it can become overwhelmingly difficult to think of quick delicious recipes to serve to your families and friends at the last minute.

The great news for Publix shoppers is that they a least take the worries out of the food preparation by providing food demonstrations, cooking ideas, recipes, or they can also take it a step further and create it for you. If you are in a hurry, no problem! Customers can order, cheeses, meats and subs with their Online Easy Ordering Tool. They have a wide selection of foods and products to select for all occasions. But, to walk in to the Publix Super Market at Kanner Crossing in Stuart, Florida, and see a large assortment of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses on display, designed to perfection, exhibits the dedication and passion of  Management and Staff to their customers to ease the mind that asks,” What do I cook today?” Jacob Dromerhauser, Publix Deli Manager says, “The goal is to create an atmosphere of service for customers and Boar’s Head always helps us strive on that.”

I love, love love the customer service that you receive when you shop at Publix and I think many other stores can benefit from their mission, “Our stores are special because of our people, products, services and the overall shopping experience. Customer service plays a big role in what makes us stand out.” Almost every aisle you go down, an employee can be found ready and willing to help you. I have had employees greet me and immediately ask, “Hi, is there something I can assist you with today?” When I replied with the product I was seeking, the store employee proceeded to walk with me to the aisle I need to go to and assist with finding the product. That is going above and beyond, that’s exceptional service!

The Boar’s Head Tasting Grand Celebration Display made my shopping a memorable experience. Since 1905, Boars Head states, “Our standards of quality have never wavered. Our products are made of only the finest ingredients: whole muscle beef, pork and poultry, and spices sourced from around the globe. Some of the assortments included:

Boars Head Parmigiano Reggiano

Boars Head Brie Cheese

Boars Head Bianco D’oro Italian Dry Salami

Boars Head Peppered Salami

Boars Head Bianco D’oro Genoa Salami

Board Head Sweet Sliced Ham

Boars Head Kalamata Olive Hummus

Boars head also caters to those with food sensitivities by offering products that are gluten-free and milk-free.

The moral of this story is that Excellent Customer Service is warranted from all Companies. Customers want Businesses to be knowledgeable about their products, be courteous and polite, genuinely interact, and be respected. Publix delivered! Their Slogan continues to reign true, that Publix is the place, “Where Shopping is a Pleasure.”

So tell me, what experiences have you had shopping with Publix? Share with the community. I would love to to hear your insight.

Be Great!

Tiffany C. Everett


  1. What a class act. Everything looks delicious, and I wonder what kind of sauce they used on that cutting board platter (soy, maybe?). Whatever it is, it looks amazing! Publix is my favorite grocer.

  2. Wow! Great review. Two of my adult children live close to this Publix and shop there frequently. Thanks for sharing.

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