Start your own Radio Mommy Podcast in 7 steps

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Have you always dreamed of having your very own podcast but all the different technical terms have stopped you? Then this post is definitely for you, keep reading because at the end you will realize how simple it is, that you can do it right now.

In business, I always talk about the importance of meeting your customers right where they are and embracing changes. If you really want to reach the masses, this is the best way to reach people all over the world. People whom you would never meet in your own state our even country for that matter.

Many times we allow fear to sop us from doing so much more. Thoughts come into our head and they control every single move we make. If our head says we cannot speak in front of large crowds then we never do it, if it says that we are not smart enough, we actually believe it, and if it says we can never learn the technology lingo, then we do even try. But I want you to know that with hard work, dedication and the will, you can reach all your goals.

We spend so many hours on our cell phone from taking pictures, to video creation, and now we can use this hand held gadget to create your very own podcast. Yes you read that correctly and Im going to walk you through the steps youll need in order to starting doing it right now!

The first thing you’ll want to do it download the Anchor FM app to your mobile device.

Set up your profile.

Now the Exciting part….Lift the phone to your ear!

Record your audio…Its your station and you can talk about any topic you desire.

Add a Caption…What would you like to name your segment?

Annnd Drumroll please….Its time to Publish and Share!

So tell me, is this your first podcast? Please share what topics you will discuss and share with the community, we would love to know. If you would like to see that all in action, be sure to review the video below and happy Podcasting!

Be great!

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