How to Succeed As a Single Parent and Entrepreneur

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Succeeding as a single parent and entrepreneur may seem daunting at first, but the rewards are so much greater. I have always desired to run a business and often thought of the many things I could do, but at the time I just never knew how to get started nor did I put up much efforts to research it neither.

Being a single mom, alone is challenging. You have to make sure your childs health is in good shape, that they are properly fed, that the education they are receiving is one that will allow them to soar in their future, and also spend quality time to show them that you care. While you are doing all this you also have to maintain yourself, including your wellbeing, finances, shelter, and the list goes on and on. Then you throw in a business, and it just compounds the issues you already have, so it may seem at first. So how do you go about organizing your day in such a way that you can get it all done and still have time for you? I have provided some tidbits that have helped me and hopefully help you gain work-life balance.

Formulate Daily Rituals.

1. Each day I wake up and pray, post social media inspirational posts, and cook meals throughout the day and continue with self care.
2. Throughout the day I spend quality time with my child and do things he desires.
3. Before Bed I plan the next day including social media posts.

Write down Goals.

In order for me reach my targets, I need a daily plan on how I will tackle each one of them. When I don’t have a plan written down, I feel lost or clueless. I have found that writing goals for each day of the week keeps you focused and driven to know each one out one by one.


We all have been given gifts to use to motivate, inspire, and help other people. You may be good at being a sitter while your sibling is great at designing clothes, a skill you have no desire to do. I have found that by hiring help, wether that be to houseclean, watch my child, or paint the house, it frees up that time so I can focus on my passions and business goals.

Enjoy Life.

Do not be so hard on yourself. I know its easy to do because I have to catch myself so may times. Its easy to feel as though you are not good enough, but really you are. You have made the decision to raise your child, go after your dream business, and take care of yourself, so I would say you are doing a fantastic job. And if anyone tells you differently, just ignore them. Apparently there is something they see in you that they wish they could do, but don’t so its easier to put you down and make you feel worthless, rather than focus on themselves.

Do what you like.

1. Jot down a list of things you enjoy doing.
2. Select one that you would like to do everyday.
3. Research the field.
4. Get moving and do it!

Realize you’ll never be perfect.

Relax, the only person that was perfect was Jesus Christ, so unfortunately you’ll never be! So don’t try to make your life to be perfect because it will never happen. You can give 100% every single day and do your best, and there will always be an issue somewhere, either in your finances, home, or business. But you can use the skills you have been taught to help you succeed, those that you have a passion to pursue, and will give you freedom and flexibility to live the life you desire..

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  1. Love it!!! I really need to start planning my days and writing down goals ….. Cause right now lost and clueless is how I feel ????

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment Sundia! I know it can be difficult but you’re right, daily goals definitely helps you stay on track and accomplish the overall goal, if you break it up into what I call smaller chunks.

  2. Thank you Tiffany, is a really excellent advise, and I am totally agree with you.

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