Target Unveils Cat & Jack Special Needs Clothing Line

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It can be a struggle to get your kids with special needs and unique abilities dressed each day when their clothing is uncomfortable. My son said to me, " The tags that stick out inside my shirts are irritating." I can recall several times where I had to gather all his shirts and cut the tags out of them so that he would be content. This saved time and energy, especially on those days whereas we had to rush out the door for appointments.

For parents raising children with  sensory processsing disorder   and special needs, it may be challenging to find stylish clothing that will allow children to be appeased. But, Target continues to uphold their Corporate Responsible  mission by supporting the special needs communities. They have unveiled Cat & Jacks's new adaptive apparel clothing line. I think it is awesome that they recognized a need and added a more extensive clothing line for children.


Target first unveiled Cat & Jack in July 2016, as their, "..newest (and largest ever) line of clothing for kids and baby, with our youngest guests—real kids from around the country—helping design the collection, model the clothes, and so much more." They designed pieces from layettes to uniform pants, and from leggings to denim. Susan Guggemos, Targets senior vice president of product design  development, in a video explained that they introduced the clothing line specifically for kids who lead in the decision making for the clothing from the beginning to the end of development. Marquan, one of the children involved in the decision making process explained how they voted on clothing, provided answers on which pieces that liked the best, etc.


This month target took it a step even further and released the brands new line of clothing geared for Sensory-Sensitive and Special Needs Children which will be available exclusively at Target. Julie Guggemos, says " We heard from our guests—and members of our own team—that there’s a need for adaptive clothing for kids that is both fashionable and affordable, so we set out to create exactly that."


The clothing addresses many concerns that a special needs child may have when it come to comfort, accessibility, and functionality. The clothing features garments that are tagless and seamless, a higher rise leggings to accomodate older children in diapers, and extra soft cotton material that will allow children to be comfortable. They are also working on designing clothing that will allow easy accessibility for those lying down or sitting.

Thank you Target so much for your time, research, dedication, and development of a new clothing line that will allow children with special needs to enjoy wearing their clothes and back to school shopping much much more!

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