Advertising your Business is not Difficult When You Have the Right Tools

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When you first start a business the next thought is," How Do I Advertise My Business." This is a great question, because without advertising, no one will know your business exists. I have gathered some ideas that have worked for me that can help you get started.

Domain Name

When customers search for your company they will need to have a way to connect with you and a they will most certainly look for you online. When you advertise your company you want to select a domain name that will be easily remembered and one that resonates with what your audience will be searching.


Your website will list your products and services. Should you decide to advertise online you will want a place your visitors can come to connect with you. It also will allow your customers to know first hand how your company will be a benefit to them. I use GoDaddy as my host with Z Expressions Virtual Call Center. 

Business Cards

When you go out and network with others you will advertise by networking. Whether that be at a grocery store, trade show, marketing event, you want to give your potential customers something that they can take back with them to be able to reach you should they decide to use your services.


These are a great way to advertise your company at major events, in the parking lot, or perhaps in your neighborhood you or someone representing your brand, can immediately walk around and engage in conversations about your company while passing out flyers. This way consumers will have something they can hold on to for reference.


When you go to a trader show or event you will need a banner that will assist in advertising your brand. It will surround your table and immediately let your clients know your brand name, contact information and what you offer before they approach or table.


Who doesn't like freebies? These gifts speak for their own and are perfect for advertising when you are not around. They can be given to those who stop by or you can walk around to give them away. They leave a lasting impression on your organization and they allow them something they can use over and over again.


If there are products that can help your customer relate to a need they may have, I would say to include it on your table. With Z Expressions , you will need a computer to work from home, so its guaranteed you'll see in displayed in my kiosk desk as well as a head set which is required to receive inbound calls.


A Camera is definatly needed so that you can savor everything thats happening in your business. You'll need this to capture images for your Instagram, website, facebook, twitter, and any means of social media you decide to use.

These are just some items that can help you get started with advertising your business. How have you advertised your business? If you have not yet started a company, which ways have you decided may work for you?

I also have a short video guide for you onsome of the products I use for my Company. Watch it below.

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