When Life Throws you Lemons Rise Up

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Lemons are bitter;
Life is pungent; 
Humans become resentful.

Lemons are bright;
Life is dazzling;
Humans become scintillating.

When Life throws you Lemons, don’t give up.
When life throws you Lemons, rise above the challenge.
When Life throws you lemons, look beyond its pungent taste.
When Life throws you lemons focus on the surrounding beauty.  

Your perception determines your reaction.
Your response dictates the end result.
Lemons are sour; you don’t have to be.
Lemons are beautiful and so are you.

Be encouraged no matter the cause;
Choices, choices which one will you Choose;
To allow lemons to make your path rough;
Or opt to be great; Press forward and be tough.

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