Why the New Prisma App is Jaw Dropping

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Stop the press! You have to take a look at this new 3 step free app available in the App store that just recently launched. It is Jaw Dropping!  It has 35 different filters to select from giving you a vast amount of options and the intensity can be changed using the built in sliding scale. The simplicity of the Prisma App allows you to slide your finger across the photo and select the intensity after the photo has been selected.

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I found out about the new app when I saw a post from Head of Social Media Marketing at BMC Software, Carlos Gil, whom stated, “I am in love with the new Prisma photo app.” I decided to research and download this app and to my surprise it accepted iOS 8.4 since I have not yet downloaded to iOS 9.3.2 as of yet. The triangle shaped app appeared instantly and was ready for use.

I started to wonder if it may work to my expectations. But, Prisma, right out the gate, did not disappoint. It did not ask for a username or password, nor for a sign up for email. It requests access to the photos, camera and to select if you would like to receive notifications. After that, its “Whalla” you are in the app selecting photos and filters. Susan Levin of The Guardian, says, “The hugely popular app is reinventing the way that technology can transform images by recreating a photo from scratch.”

There were so many styles to select from, I did not know which to choose, so I went through each once until I landed the one that pleased my eye for these specific photos.

Prisma “transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns.”

If you are seeking a new way to present your photos this app will not let you down. You can also choose to have the Prisma watermark on or off as well. I found the load time was almost immediate, and the time it takes to go through and select a photo, pick a style and share fairly quick as well.

Its all about changing it up, when it comes to photos, we no longer have to stick with the one image we take, using our camera now we can transform those images into an original art piece.

What are you thoughts on the new app? Comment below and let me know?

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